Peering at the World Through A Haze

Pretty much all week and through the weekend I have been seeing the world through the haze of a severe head cold. As a result, I have been trying to avoid doing any writing as I can’t think straight. Even today, I am still riddled with this dreadful cold virus thingy. Instead of writing then I decided to do some promoting. Always a good thing to do if you write as otherwise you write for no reason as no one reads your stuff! I decided to promote my poetry for a change and I made Astral Messages and Weird Tales free for the weekend on Kindle. Said promo ends at midnight tonight so you STILL HAVE A CHANCE! As of last looking, over 150 copies of Astral Messages had been downloaded – pretty staggering. I just hope people read it, like it, review and it and then come back and buy something else……

I also spend quite a lot of time updating the books page on this blog….

To be honest, I am really so wanting to see my novel take off. The Last Observer has had almost 99% wonderful reviews and it has been promoted – it is mentioned all over the internet. It is selling but not the way I had hoped. I really don’t know how to promote it much anymore – I mean, great reviews, its everywhere, amazon have promoted it…..I guess I will try to do something for the Christmas season…. Ideas though always welcome. Please, do tell people about the book. It is all about word of mouth in the end….


Of course, Inner Journeys and The Mystical Hexagram shouldn’t be forgotten either. In both cases, a KINDLE version has been made recently available. I can’t say I have been knocked down by the rush to grab the Kindle versions but a few people have bought them and that’s just great.

Meanwhile, I just hope that soon my head will return to normality and I can start writing again – The Lord of the Elements was coming along quite nicely….

Thanks all for stopping by……. Best wishes to you all.

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