The Eagle’s Saga


Soaring up high
Flying oblivious
Eros aims and let’s fl y
The arrow finds its mark
Straight through my heart

dead eagle

Dying, I fall
In pain and in shock
Why me and why now?
How much does my red
blood run
Falling away from the light
of the sun

Perhaps better
To die falling from glory
Discovering I am yet a fool
Than betray myself to fate
Hurting kin and life mate

What can I say?
One who thought love
Would never again
Deem to show me a glimpse
Of her beautiful face


The smell of her skin
The feel of her touch
The lilt of her voice
The look in her eyes
What is between us?

The vengeful fates cackle
While spinning their eternal web
Objective achieved
The plot in place
They watch and wait

The tinder was dry
As the flame sprang to life
Angry and bright
Bringing forth such energy
Disrupting flight

Fire can destroy
But can also cleanse
So many questions
But no chance to ask
Unresolved and unfulfilled


The Eagle’s glory
Is falling away
The wings flutter
It makes a last sound
Of pain as it hits the ground

Originally published in Weird Tales by Dr. G. Michael Vasey

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