Currency Blues and Other Topics

So these days I get paid in the (not so) mighty Dollar. Right now, the USD is falling against most other currencies due to the US Government shutdown. It is now below 19CZK – $1 which just a couple of months ago it was 20CZK per USD. This is not at all good news as for every 1CZK it slips, I would lose 5% of my income in CZK……. The US shutdown is costing me money….


Meanwhile, inflation here continues.

In fact, everything I earn more or less is in USD compounding the issue. Even the books are mostly sold in Dollars.

I had decided to go out and buy an exercise bike. One that had the heart rate program to try to lose some of the weight I appear to be gaining steadily and surely. Of course, said bikes are made in Germany – a Euro country and so, you guessed, its price is moving steadily upwards because the CZK is weak against the Euro.

I feel squeezed by the currency blues!

currency squeeze

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