New Age Socialism

What exactly is it about following a spiritual path that suddenly brings out the nutty side of people? Do people suddenly leave their brain in a jar by the door? Why do new age people think they need to be nut job environmentalists and socialists? Do they think that to be spiritual requires this? If so then they should reconsider.

More or less the first thing we all learn studying magic is about duality and polarity. We learn that everything is polar and that what we need to do is try to balance everything out – reconcile the opposites. It’s not easy to do I will admit but we learn that one polarity is just as bad as the other in terms of what it is not. The Tree of life demonstrates this aptly with its two outer pillars and the middle pillar with Tiphareth more or less the balance point of both horizontal and vertical polarity. We discuss this in much more detail in The Mystical Hexagram by the way.

Knowing and understanding this then it should be understood that leaning so far left you almost completed the circle and became a fascist isn’t exactly what is required of us is it? Nor is being such an environmentalist or pro- animal rights person that you would rather human kind in general poisoned itself and died out as a species.


Frankly, I’m a bit sick of it myself and I reserve the right to hold my own balanced opinions and strike out at idiocy, lies and propaganda where ever I see it.


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