Inner Journeys Out On Kindle

Thoth has finally made Inner Journeys available on Kindle. It can be ordered at both the US and UK Amazon sites for immediate download. Inner Journey: Explorations of the Soul was my first foray into publishing my experiences. It is somewhat autobiographical in that it deals with why I had an interest in all things Occult and follows my trail to the point where I found the Servants of the Light. It then tracks my experiences of taking the SOL’s first course over 5-6 years and provides some insights into what I learned. In fact, it was Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the SOL’s Director of Studies, who suggested I write the book and who kindly provided an introduction too.

Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul is the compelling account of one man’s inner quest. It is a unique and fascinating case study that documents the author’s unusual experiences in his early life that culminates in his eventual discovery of a mystery school. Dr.Vasey provides an honest assessment of his ongoing development as a student of the school, his discovery of an inner contact, and progressive exposure to a magical and boundless world of inner characters and landscapes that provide personal instruction and understanding. His journey of transformation has a profound effect on his character and finally directs him towards an initiation with the self.

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