Presidential Myth Making

Those that know me also know that one subject and one subject alone can get me truly very angry. That subject is the idea that man-made CO2 is responsible for ‘global warming’ and today I am very mad because Mr. Obama, presumably to detract attention away from his complete mismanagement of Government and everything else, has decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’m sorry to my friends and eldest son who love this man, but he is to me the worst President the US ever had simply because he doesn’t appear to actually stand for anything except himself and now – the myth of global warming. People – global temperatures haven’t risen in the last 15-years.

I’m not going to get into all the arguments because frankly I have made them all before – Google me and ‘global warming’ and I am sure you will find them. Please, don’t be like an old school chum of mine who asks if I am paid by the oil companies! I bloody wish! In fact, this is the enemies’ defense and one they use all the time to discredit the truth – all so called skeptics are paid by the oil companies they say… another myth – haven’t you noticed that all of the oil companies are spending millions convincing you they are green? They don’t have any cash for the likes of me.

So let us just take a look at some of the myths around this myth…

1. Global temperatures are warming…. – wrong. global temperatures are about the same today as they were 15-years ago. Real scientists ‘back test’ their results and adjust their theories accordingly…. not in this area they don’t – no – they just keep repeating the same myth until everyone believes it.

2. The ice caps are melting – No, they are not. What we are seeing are normal oscillations in the ice caps and while the Artic cap has shrunk a bit the Antartic cap has grown a bit – and, as pointed out by a friend on Facebook, “the northern ice cap is floating. Archimedes tells us that if the entire thing melted tomorrow the sea level would remain the same. Something that floats displaces the same amount of water as its mass. Technically speaking, because Ice expands when it freezes so if the entire thing melted tomorrow sea levels would go down slightly.”

3. But I can see it with my own eyes… more storms, bad weather etc. – No you can’t. You have, as does everyone, a habit of forgetting about bad things in the past so that it simply seems that way. In fact, if you do the research, nothing outside of normal cycles has changed.

4. But these people know what they are talking about – this is the best myth. No they don’t. Science create hypotheses based on observation. Peer review is then required to agree this. When the observations don’t fit the hypothesis, it needs to be reviewed and changed. Theories change all of the time. Once Newton described how gravity works until Einstein came along…. The problem is this – there is too much vested interest now in the status quo and too much money funding business as usual….. if you dig a bit, all is not well in the land of climate science. The cracks are appearing all over the wall and soon…. it will fall.

So what is this pseudo-science about? Money. Getting more of your money, taking more control into central Government… and more money for folks like Al Gore.

People – wake up. Don’t let these people create your reality for you. Start to use the brains God gave you and think! The truth is that this is a myth.

Take a look for yourself at the graph below…. now, time to observe and think. Is CO2 driving temperature or is it simply the Sun?


And I always felt that Obama’s redeeming factor was his intellect!

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