Shifting Sands

So, let’s get something straight before we begin this. I don’t care if any government is logging my calls, tracking my internet usage or even listening in to those calls. I have nothing to hide but I am sure there are others that do have something to hide and need to be listened to very carefully.

I really don’t care too much about this stuff. Maybe I should but I don’t. Nor do I particularly care that some guy is running around telling the world’s media that the US Government does this. I should hope that they do. I don’t either much care for the Chinese government pretending that they are innocent of such things (nor the Russians for that matter). The fact is, if for a minute I stopped to think about who is spying on who, I would absolutely assume that all governments spy on all other governments and also on their domestic population. Information is power and Governments crave absolute power whatever they say. So who – just who – do they think they are fooling? Not me.

I also don’t know much (nor do I wish to) about what goes on in the power struggles between countries on a daily basis. I just do not care to know. It is all part of the matrix of distractions in my opinion designed to keep everyone chained and bound in the control system that relies on building fear and desire for things in order to keep us all focused on anything but the truth. I know this to be true. No – I am not crazy nor am I a conspiracy buff. Its just obviously true and I think most people know this to be true if they actually think about it. This is simply the way our world works and not much has changed in millenia in that respect.

But I do have to say, the sands seem to be shifting. Apparently, some people care and they care a good deal. Enough to put their future at risk by disclosing the details. Whether in the end this has any real impact is debatable but something is up in the matrix folks….. something is changing.


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