The Hexagram and Kybalion

The new book – The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power by SC Vincent and myself – gets into a discussion of what I call ‘polarity’. The Polarity displayed by the Hexagram as a symbol is actually best viewed when the Hexagram is overlaid on the Tree of Life. In fact, the book looks at the three types of polarity implicit in the Hexagram as well as what I call the Three Cycles (which interestingly enough equate to the three Alchemical Principles of Salt, Mercury and Sulphur!) as well as the Fire and the Water triangles that, interlaced, form the hexagram. But … back to polarity.

Today, I was re-reading the Kybalion book by the Three Initiates. It suddenly struck me that the three polarities observed in the Hexagram somewhat equate to three of the Laws or Principles that the book discusses: Vibration, Polarity and Rhythm. Vibration is in fact what we term ‘vertical polarity’. Polarity is what we term ‘horizontal polarity’. Rhythm is what we call ‘active polarity’.

According to the Kybalion, Vibration is The great Third Hermetic Principle–the Principle of Vibration–embodies the truth that Motion is manifest in everything in the Universe–that nothing is at rest–that everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This Hermetic Principle was recognized by some of the early Greek philosophers who embodied it in their systems. But, then, for centuries it was lost sight of by the thinkers outside of the Hermetic ranks. But in the Nineteenth Century physical science re-discovered the truth and the Twentieth Century scientific discoveries have added additional proof of the correctness and truth of this centuries-old Hermetic doctrine.

The Hermetic Teachings are that not only is everything in constant movement and vibration, but that the “differences” between the various manifestations of the universal power are due entirely to the varying rate and mode of vibrations. Not only this, but that even THE ALL, in itself, manifests a constant vibration of such an infinite degree of intensity and rapid motion that it may be practically considered as at rest, the teachers directing the attention of the students to the fact that even on the physical plane a rapidly moving object (such as a revolving wheel) seems to be at rest. The Teachings are to the effect that Spirit is at one end of the Pole of Vibration, the other Pole being certain extremely gross forms of Matter. Between these two poles are millions upon millions of different rates and modes of vibration.

In the Mystical Hexagram, we discuss vertical polarity as that from spirit to matter or perhaps from spiritual to physical. In fact, if a horizontal line is drawn on the hexagram at its mid-point, it becomes the above and the below. The spiritual above is mirrored by the physical below. In fact, vertical polarity is like the way of creation.

Horizontal polarity is described in the Kybalion like this – “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”–The Kybalion. In the Mystical Hexagram we see horizontal polarity in the same way with two polar points reconciled at a third point through the Law of the Triangle.

We also talk about Active polarity – seen as the third dimensional polarity. It is the hardest to visualize and understand because it can only be observed when we look in three dimensions – it is depth and we describe it as action – inaction. The Kybalion may just hint at this in the concept of Rhythm though Rhythm is described more as the pendulum swing between the two ends of horizontal polarity or pairs of opposites is you wish. But I also tend to think that Rhythm could equally well describe the cycle of action and inaction, rest and motion that our third polarity suggests.

Well, there is a lot more in the book……

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