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The writer and poet Dr. G Michael Vasey has a fascinating website called Asteroth’s Apprentice. Dr Vasey’s book Inner Journeys, Explorations of the Soul is an interesting work that describes his life-time study of the ‘Mysteries’ and the Occult Sciences.

Dr. Vasey requested a copy of ITLAD a few weeks ago and a review copy was sent to him by my publisher. Dr. Vasey lives in Brno in the Czech Republic and they had no end of problems having a copy sent. However it was received and Dr. Vasey has read it.

I am pleased to say that he seems to have found it a worthwhile read. Take a look at his review here.

Dr. Vasey’s comments add yet another angle on the power of the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad as a potential paradigm-changer. Indeed as a member of the Occult Organisation the Servants of the Light Dr. Vasey is well qualified to comment on the esoteric implications of ITLAD.

I am hoping that Dr. Vasey may be joining us under a Blogger Identity soon. I am sure that his contribution will add even more to the free wheeling intellectual eclecticism that makes this site stand out.

I never did blog on his site – more is the pity…..


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