A Request…

For those who visit this blog please take a moment to send a little healing light in the direction of my parents. My father, who is 81, is struggling with multiple myoloma and going through his second treatment – the first was extremely successful 8-years ago but he is a tad older now….. and for my Mum who at 75-years is of course dealing with everything. Many Thanks, likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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Weird Tales – OtherWorld Poetry on LULU

My first poetry book is now also available from LULU. Pop over and take a look…. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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An All New Asteroth’s Domain

For some time I have been dissatisfied with the look and feel and indeed, content, of Asteroth’s Domain. So I have revamped the site and I trust that you like it. From now on the site will be just me blogging along with information about books and things I may publish etc. However, I have also rebuilt Asteroth’s Forum which will now be an integral part of Asteroth’s Domain. Yes – it has a different look and feel and it is a separate site – but I also wanted a place for book reviews, poetry and interaction. The last time I built a discussion site it got so clogged with spam that I ended up deleting it. This time, I am using a more powerful platform that I am confident

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