A Thank You!

Well I am more than two weeks post operative and feeling quite good. Some of you may be aware that I had a benign tumor removed from my colon. For those interested it was 4.5cm in diameter and essentially a fatty growth but it was causing me some issues. The surgery was laproscopic, took 6 1/2 hours and removed about 10cm of my colon. I count myself fortunate that the tumor was benign and that the Czech’s could do the procedure laproscopically. I now have five healing holes in my abdomen but the stitches came out yesterday.

This was pretty major surgery by all accounts and so I want to thank all of you who held me in your thoughts, prayers and meditations – don’t stop just yet though – another couple of weeks or so and I should be fully recovered. I am getting more active and trying to return to normal life…. though a beer is still a few weeks away!

Once again – many thanks to you all for your thoughts, wishes and love.

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