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Listen and learn – my encounter narrating a life changing book by Lorraine Ansell

Being a professional voice over is great. I learn so many things from the scripts I get sent. Whether it be factual, fictional or a mix, every day is filled with new things to learn. I sit in my studio reading and marking up texts and not just reading, but understanding the words and their meaning. From fun crazy voices to serious news delivery and everything in between I get to voice a lot of creative ideas. One day it might be narrating about training modules, guiding people through various tasks. Another day, an advert. And then on another day it might be an audiobook or poetry. It means that I get the chance to continually learn new things – I should do more quiz nights with the knowledge I

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My Private Reality Sphere Part 1 by Seth of Acopalypse-How

Bubbles within bubbles, wheels within wheels , we are each a universe , complete with our own planet earth and surrounding cosmos. I call it My Virtual Reality Sphere . When I look up into the sky and see all the stars , I “know” they are within me, there is no out there , I know that if I want to reach out and touch the stars I can , they are no different than the trillions of cells in my body , they are part of ” Me”. You know the old saying ” You Think The Universe Revolves Around You ” well its true , the universe does revolve around you , we are each encapsulated so to speak in our own private Spherical Mirror , and

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