My Private Reality Sphere Part 1 by Seth of Acopalypse-How

Bubbles within bubbles, wheels within wheels , we are each a universe , complete with our own planet earth and surrounding cosmos. I call it My Virtual Reality Sphere .

When I look up into the sky and see all the stars , I “know” they are within me, there is no out there , I know that if I want to reach out and touch the stars I can , they are no different than the trillions of cells in my body , they are part of ” Me”.


You know the old saying ” You Think The Universe Revolves Around You ” well its true , the universe does revolve around you , we are each encapsulated so to speak in our own private Spherical Mirror , and no matter which direction we look , we will see a reflection of our state of being, beliefs and definitions , we will see our version of the universe .

While it may be very “similar” to others version of reality , it is still unique, this is how the cosmos can know itself, we are both the microcosm and the macrocosm, the observer and observed , as above so below.

As a unique universe , our purpose is to simply be ourselves , and in doing so , collectively , we can explore infinite diversity in infinite combinations , to quote Vulcan philosophy .

Even in our relationships with other beings , other fractals of all that is , we are filtering them through our belief systems , so in a sense they are constructs as well , not saying other people are not real , I am saying that we create a “version of them” that is a reflection of our beliefs , and of course they are creating a version of us that reflects “their” core beliefs.

So here is “one” way to visualize these concepts that are difficult to articulate , lets step outside of individuated consciousness , and view all of the fractals , or souls from an outside perspective looking in. Perhaps we would see spheres , an infinite number of plasma spheres , they would look much like “stars ” , and outside of these spheres would be “nothing” , it would look kinda like “space” , and they would be floating in this nothingness.

If one could peak inside , one of these “virtual reality spheres” they would see an infinite variety of scenes , settings , people ,places and things , you might peak in and see nothing but a room with someone sleeping quietly in bed . Since the “being” is asleep , it does not really need to “render” much more than the bed , and the surrounding room , for that particular virtual reality existence.

If you were to watch the “being” go about its day , you would see how the virtual reality sphere renders each of the scenes of places , people , things into recognizable props for that individuals “play” .

They may be driving in their car and can see a mile ahead, or 50 miles down the road , it wouldn’t matter , at the edge of what ever their “perception” was , that would represent the edge of their sphere , there would be no need to render the town 100 miles away , no reason to waste energy creating something that has no use , universe is self organizing and very efficient .

So in effect we are each existing in our own little bubble, floating in a field of pure energy, from which we use to create our own little private heaven or hell , and at the collective level we share larger and larger bubbles ,( bubbles within bubbles ) that we would call the consensus realities , these larger bubbles represent , small communities, towns , cities , countries , planets, solar systems, galaxies and finally universes and so on .

The shared consensus reality spheres are kinda of a pay for view situation , you contribute your source energy to create , these various structures , frameworks , collectives , so that you can have experiences .

These themes can be love stories , drama , destruction , creation, whatever your inclination is , whatever your core vibration is , that will be the collective or consensus reality that you resonate with , that will be your home , your version of planet earth.

This is “one” way to explore the idea of the ” Reflected Reality ” of the Spherical Mirror . Certainly not the only way , there are as many ways to explore this as there are fractals of all that is , so my advice form one fractal to another , find your own way , your own path and rejoice in your individuality and uniqueness !

In Part .2 of My Virtual Reality Sphere , I want to talk about the practical application , how does this help us , how does this idea , or method of exploration empower us towards further expansion and growth.

This guest article by Seth of

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