Older Guy

There comes a point in time

When fashion doesn’t matter

When music becomes a grating clatter

When those old bones protest

It hits you like a wall of bricks

That you no longer can attract the chicks

I’m an older guy

Supposed to be refined

And attractive in my way

But I find I sigh

And say I dunno

What become of me

These days I’d rather sleep than dance

I’d rather stay in than get out

Tired by ten I don’t doubt

I dream of places I once was

And faces of those I knew

Rather than looking forward to anything new

I’m an older guy

That hint of sophistication

Grows gray at my temple

No matter how hard I try

I see my face breaking down

With the cracks of age

And yet I am now laid back

A growing sense of calm and decorum

Critics? I can just ignore them

No longer feel the need to impress

I’m established, accomplished too

And nothing remains taboo

I’m an older guy

And I know my own mind

I’m comfortable in my skin

My expertise in short supply

I can finally relax and play

The game I want my way


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