The Trigger for Chasing the Shaman

The idea fr my new book – Chasing the Shaman – a sort of follow on to my very first book – Inner Journeys – came from a startling and accidental meet up with a real live shaman here in Brno. Unfortunately, that first time when he scared me in an out of the way seating area beneath the Castle here, I didn’t have the guts to ask him what he was doing and why? And perhaps, more importantly, would he please teach me! I know some people will simply think I have a strong imagination – I do! – but I have been watching for signs of this guy for two Moons now – yes, Moons. He is constantly working with is stones and other objects in plain sight yet no one seems to notice – except me.

Take a look at these….


Just a few examples…. I have tons of photos of his designs…. if anyone sees anything meaningful in them, do let me know….. His activity starts with the new moon and peaks at the full moon. That much I have figured out. Meanwhile – grab the new book – it is a story of real magic!

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