Lockdown Blues


I spent these last month’s in a forced isolation

Learning another way to live

I didn’t really miss you all to tell the truth

It was a joy to walk in silence in nature

To hear the sound of birds singing

Or the bees humming

I didn’t miss your litter

Nor your drunken screams and shouts

At two in the morning

Leaving the pub or disco club

I didn’t miss the traffic jams

And impatient toots of horns

I didn’t miss your hissy fits

Nor your selfish behavior

Spring happened and for once

It felt like it must have done

Once, aeons ago under a pagan Sun

I tracked the Moon phases

From New to Full width

We walked full circle

She and I

Without humanity there

We communed in silence

Yet the message was clear

While you all were locked up in fear

We were without you

And your superficial needs

Strutting on your stages

Pretending to be something

When in reality

You ache inside

For something lost

And in that month or so

When you might have had it back

That thing you lost

You yearned for normal

Like some junky

Hooked on the meaningless

On social status and ideology

Because in the silence of the lockdown

The peace you yearn was there

The Crone died again

And the Maiden sprung full-formed

Under a wise old Moon

Who has seen it all before

So that it became a rhythmic bore

The turning of the endless cycle

Despite you




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