Humanity at its Finest…Not!

Now that at least here in Czechia, the lockdown is coming to an end, I’m feeling a little nostalgic for it to be honest. I am for personal freedom and I think the state has acted in a heavy handed manner – one I never want to see repeated. But that is a different topic. This weekend, my fellow human was out and about and frankly, some of us don’t deserve to be let out at all, ever.

Yesterday – it was a Saturday, I was treated to a return of the idiot driver. Within minutes of getting on the road in my car, a motorcyclist overtook me and another car on a dual carriageway by blowing between us. He failed to see or simply ignored my right turn signal (I was in the outside lane) and missed death by centimeters. Just a few kilometers further and another motorcyclist decided I wasn’t going fast enough passing me on the inside in the bus lane. Then, as I drove down a beautiful windy road in between limestone cliffs and along a flowing river at about the speed limit taking in the magnificent views, I was treated to car after car who felt I was not going fast enough and it would be good to drive 1 meter behind me and see if I could be pushed. I couldn’t. So then of course, I was treated to acts of idiocy as these people passed me where they should not doing speeds they should not. It was Saturday. Where on earth could these people be going in such a hurry?

The best was yet to come. Driving along, I came to a section where roadworks meant it was single way and a light system allowed for alternating traffic. There were two sections of this roadwork so as I pulled up towards the second light, I had passed around 100 meters of more of backed up traffic wanting to go in the opposite direction. Now I stopped at an orange line marked on the road about 15 meters before the light. Here, there was a T-junction and a few cars backed up into it waiting to get onto the main road including one very large and fancy Mercedes. He seeing the traffic and seeing the gap left between me and the light thought you know what – this doesn’t apply to me in my big fancy Mercedes, Noooo, I will overtake the lot of them. So he pulls out and comes face to face with me and the 15 or so cars behind me. Did he acknowledge his mistake? Did he own up to being a prize prick? Of course not – he tried to push me and 15 cars behind me backwards….. and then our light turned green. And I pulled forward, showed him my middle finger and shouted something apt in his direction and he finally realized he was going nowhere. These people? Where do they come from?

Anyway, tonight, I took the dog for the usual walk around the castle. It’s so amazing to walk in nature in the middle of the city. To look at the fading blossoms, watch the birds and simply sigh a sigh of amazement at nature. Yet, today, my sigh was one of frustration, sadness and anger as I found the path littered with glass bottles – beer, gin, vodka – plastic bags, discarded paper cups, piles of cig ends and sweet wrappers. And not just in one location – but all around the castle. I picked some up and placed it in the available trash cans placed every 50 meters or so… Now whoever did that – a curse on you ….you don’t deserve to be let out.

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