Spammers’ Karma

Last week, in my business email account, I started getting a lot of messages coming back saying – undeliverable. Puzzled, I asked our internet guy to take a look. He soon figured out that someone was sending emails and making it look as if they came from my account. Yes – they can do that. They aren’t coming from your account but it looks to the receiver as if they are. What can I do? I asked. Nothing really, was the response. Great!

However, I was wanting to know who was being emailed by Notme. Our web guy took some time but soon came back with the scary fact that somehow, the emails being spammed by Notme were the people who had sent us a message at our general email address for inquiries. Now that was worrying so we readied an email to send out telling them not to open these emails. Then better news, the email list had been stolen from an old, archived server and so all of these email addresses were at least 5 years old. That made sense as my inbox was filled with lots of returned and undelivered messages – these were old emails.

Then for the final news. After a bit more investigation, it seemed that the email list on the archived and old server was actually the list of spam emails we had received from spammers.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that in this case, the spammers had spammed the spammers!

Karma huh. It’s a bitch.

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