Beware Activist Investor Groups

Many will not know that there are now groups of activist investors using your pension money as leverage to force companies to do things they think should be done. Things like ending meat consumption, ending fossil fuels, ending your ability to take plane flights for vacations and much more. These ‘well meaning’ billionaires who feel guilty about their environmentally unsound life styles hogging resources are using their wealth to force the rest of us to overcompensate whether we like it or not. Here there is no discussion of science or facts, just their opinions and wealth. To me, it is unconscionable behavior and ought to be outlawed. It won’t be though as the mega rich always get richer.

So I believe they are doing this not from guilt and not from wanting the best but to make themselves more money. Leopards don’t change their spots and the super rich never have enough. Every multi-millionaire I have ever met (and I have met a lot), spent money only on protecting their loot from taxes and losses and scheming how to make more of it. Don’t be fooled by these supposed environmental activists. To them it is about making money……by forcing the rest of us to do what they want and buy the things they are now invested in.


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