Wanna Buy A Photo??

A couple of years ago, my friend here in Brno – Walter Novak – a quite famous photographer in the USA – gave me some tips on taking photos. I started shooting things with my iphone that I thought interesting. It might be a sunset between buildings, an unusual view of the familiar, an unusual street lamp or anything like that. I then use a tool he shared with me to process it a bit and in as a creative ay as possible. The results I think, have been pretty good.

As I collected all of these photos, I inevitable wondered what to do with them? I wanted to put them in an album online but couldn’t ind anything that worked well enough and didn’t cost a grand. Then I saw an ad on facebook – sell your photos! – it said. I took a look and realized here was a way to keep my photos in one place, allow access to them and perhaps even make a little pocket money in the process. After all one or two people had told me – wow – I’d buy that! So, that is what I have done. If you click on My Photography on the menu – you will be taken to where I am slowly uploading my photos…. and you can even buy one if you so chose.

To whet your appetite, here are a few images….


Images © Gary M. Vasey

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