Like A Heartbeat

This weekend, I attended the Silent Eye Keys of Heaven weekend workshop in the Whitby area of Yorkshire. Of this much more later…..

However, the penultimate stop of the weekend was the church in Lastingham and a visit to its beautiful crypt. The remains of St. Cedd are supposed to be buried just to the right of the alter under the small church and there are a number of old carved stones to view.



On approaching the church, I could feel it. Energy! Once inside the church, I could feel it pulsating strongly and I remarked to one of my colleagues – it’s like a heartbeat! Down inside the crypt, the heartbeat was strong and regular. To sit there and silently experience the energy pulsating was I think possibly the highlight of the weekend –  along with the Sticky Toffee Pudding with masses of custard I had experienced the evening before….or perhaps the dance of the Foxes in Whitby.

These weekends often have many highlights and magical – WOW moments that I genuinely believe are magical that spontaneously happen when a group of like-minded souls get together.



Back to that energy though. The heart beat from inside the Church. It is Earth energy but possibly at a point where water enables it.  Water is represented by the downward pointing triangle in the Hexagram – as is Earth. Earth represents groundedness, stability, potential, and stillness, while water can represent birth, fertility, and refreshment – as well as washing, cleansing and baptism. As I sat in the crypt in silent meditation, feeling that pulsating energy, I did feel grounded finally and cleansed.

It was a truly magical moment that was experienced alone and yet in the company of my weekend friends.

Each of us experienced the energy in our different ways and each of us took something very special away from that church…


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