A Little Bit of Toast?

Many, many moons ago, in a far off Universe and another life, I was stage manager at Aston University Student’s Union. We occasionally held mid week concerts featuring local talent and it was during one of these that I met a band called Street band.  Street band were professional, banged out great music and fun to be around. We hired the band a few times and I got to know them pretty well including their manager and front man – a young man by the name of Paul Young. I liked them so much that when asked to organize an Aston Geology party, we hired…. Street band and had fun all evening. I recall, they brought toast.

Toast became their defining moment as a band. It was their big hit. But unlike the rock n roll they did so well, it was a novelty song and while I was pleased for them to have success, I was a bit disappointed by the song. Not long after, they split up. A bit later Paul Young emerged as a solo artist and I never saw him again. I do remember him quite well though as being a lot of fun and of course, the women all swooned around him but he wasn’t cocky about it. I loved his voice and I enjoyed his early singles.

I just googled him – he is 66 years old and looks it. Time flies.

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