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Live Talking BEK on FOJ

I was interviewed live on FOJ this last weekend. Here is the interview….

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Am I Big?

This evening, I realized I needed some business shirts for a trip next week to London. I duly set off for the mall and Marks & Spencers. On arrival, I realized that I had no idea what size I needed! I managed to find a friendly assistant who measured me….. She told me 43 to 44 collar size. It was only when I started to look at said shirts that I made the realization that I am actually quite big! Firstly, almost every shirt I liked didn’t have anything bigger than a 42 or – even worse – was ‘slim fit’. At this stage I need to ask – who the hell wears slim fit? Suddenly, everything is slim fit. Slim fit shorts, T-shirts and even trousers. Let’s understand each

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