The Metadata of Magic

I have written much about the nature of reality and how to create reality both in novels like The Last Observer and in little books like – The New You. The other night, I had this very strange dream that I believe fits into the theme of reality. In it, I woke up one morning and could read the metadata associated with everything I saw. ie. I could read the data about the objects I was seeing. I did this simply by looking at an object. The metadata then streamed into my head telling me everything I needed to know about it. This skill allowed me to have a lot of fun in my dream.

Interestingly enough, when I awoke, I could still recall a lot of the dream details including two statements that were told to me in the dream as follows;

  1. You should write this as a book,
  2. This is the secret to everything.

In the world of quantum mechanics, everything is energy. There is no physical reality at all. There is only energy and a conscious observer. I explored this idea in the novel The Last Observer and had some fun with it yet, the idea of metadata emerged only in this dream. In the book The Wizard of EarthSea by Ursula LeGuin, the hero Ged, lets loose something very dark that almost kills him. It pursues him throughout his life and he lives in great fear of it. He finally overcomes it when he learns its name. In magic we use the idea of naming something as having power over it. In the Bible, Adam gives names to everything in Creation (Genesis 2:19-20) and in a sense, Adam was the first Magician taking his rulership over the physical world of his creation in this act of naming. In my dream, the metadata was essentially the same thing – it was the name and associated details about everything in Creation – my Creation.

I am the only person who observes the world and yes, names it, the way that I do. Everyone else, sees it differently so yes, it is my Creation just as your world is your Creation. In my world, I have never really touched anything, seen anything, heard anything, tasted anything and so on. All of these experiences occur in the brain at the quantum level. The particles that make up my body and this desk repel one another – they can never touch. In fact, I am a cloud of particles in a larger cloud of particles and guess what? All of those particles are energy waves and many are entangled – ie intimately connected whatever the distance between them in time and space. There is no time. There is no space. There is just me. Consciousness. I am.

Imagination is the engine room of creation, Stan. What we imagine, if it is done with intensity and clarity, has its own reality, and that reality is the blueprint behind this reality – The Last Observer.


That blueprint is the thing that contained metadata in my dream. By being able to read this, I was able to make true magic. I was able to manipulate my world at will. Imagine that – the ability to truly create your reality!

I came to think of my dream as a sort of explanation of what has been called the Astral by many. The framework of energy – imaginatively fashioned and called into reality by an consciousness. It is Yesod at the base of the hexagram – one of the 7 stars of power that shows how to create reality I discussed with Sue Vincent in our book – The Mystical Hexagram. In the world of Yesod, the Astral light, we can read the Akasha – the metadata – and make magic.

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