Marketing – It’s all about Marketing

I have just spent hours this week trying to find ways to market my music and books. I’m a professional marketing person with a reputation for doing solid work but when it comes to marketing my stuff we are talking a different level of scale.

Let me give you an example.

I release a song – like this last one. I post it to twitter, Facebook, etc. – all the usual sites. I write a blog about it. Result – nothing …. people are too busy and quite honestly I’m selling something new every 5 minutes….

OK – let’s get clever then. I know, lets make a video to promote a song – like this one perhaps?

Now that takes time… hours. I like the result – so now what? Yes – post it on Facebook, twitter, write a blog etc. So what did I achieve? Well, I now have a song that no one heard and a video that no one saw.

There must be another way?

I think, I google….

Eureka – Playlists! People like playlists and play them…

I create a playlist – like this one

Takes a while but I do get to listen to some great music. I pay a few USD to get it on a site where other artists will submit music too taking some of the work out of it.. I like this playlist thing and I will do more…. It’s fun and if people play it, they will play my music too.

So..Yes – post it on Facebook, twitter, write a blog etc. So what did I achieve? Well, I now have a playlist that no one listens to, a video that no one saw, and a song no one heard.


What else can I do. Facebook Ads? I spend hours trying to figure out how to do that and end up simply frustrated. Facebook it seems doesn’t want me to advertise links off of Facebook unless I get a PhD in using its ad creation software. OK – Reddit? Yes! Wait, unless I spend the next 6-months posting interesting stuff and getting comments, I won’t be allowed to post the stuff I want because I’m not heavyweight enough on the site.

So what else can I do?


What is it?

Good, I’m glad you asked… Its a QR and you can get your mobile phone to read it and it opens to my Spotify page….

So, I’m off to the print store. I’m gonna print 100’s of these babies and leave them everywhere… the curious will discover my music….


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