Love, Music and Obsession

Great blog title. I’m obsessive and have put out another album of music. Actually, I even have two more songs lined up for release as well. The album I called The Anatomy of Love. Hence – Love, Music and obsession….

Strangely enough, I find that friends and relatives simply ignore all of my please to give my music a listen. I think I’ve written so many books and recorded so much music and stuff, people are just – well – sick of me. It’s disappointing that really as you kind of hope friends and relatives will share and help you build an audience. Maybe it’s me but I don’t see it happening.

Then, just as you are thinking well, why do I bother if no one actually listens, I get a song put on a playlist….. and just like that I have 10,000 listens in 3-days. Of course, soon I will be removed from the playlist and it will go back to my normal 10 plays a day…. except I picked up over 100 more followers so maybe it will drop back to 25 plays a day and I keep marketing and promoting to playlists in the hope it happens again. I guess this is how you build followers.

Anyway, I have had more plays than I ever expected in the last few days and long may it continue….

I’d love to sell an album on Amazon or somewhere – now that would be a thrill…



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