Ride to the Danube

Wouldn’t it be strange

If I found you alone on a train

Wouldn’t it be just like lady Fate

To send you to me too late

But, I believe in miracles

Guess I always did

And I believe in dreaming

You can think me stupid

Life is nothing but a dream anyway


When I look in a mirror

I don’t like what I see looking back

Mortally wounded – so very deep

But the mirror I met on that railway track

She can light me up

Alchemy on wheels

And I believe in dreaming

I just like how it feels

I’m feeling and dreaming anyway


A ride to the Danube

Clawing my way back from hell

A glimpse of heaven in you

Drinking at my wishing well

Not sure how to proceed

But maybe there is no need

For life surely is a dream

Made better by you








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