Looking back, it was a mistake
One of any number that now plague me
Life is a journey
Decisions get made
And then there are the regrets.
The feeling that it could have been different
Perhaps, should have been different
Knowing that fate was maybe stacked against you
Karma being worked as the Wheel turned
“It’s life,” she told me today
She’s right, but that can’t take away
The regrets
Karmic debts
Have I paid in full yet?
Is my future set?
A decade gone and all I have
Are regrets
If I could go back, what would I fix?
I’d fix the part of me
That couldn’t really see
The love I needed lay within me
I didn’t need her
I don’t need you
I don’t need anyone
Except to come to peace with Me
All along the ride of life
Yet, the stream moves gently on
Pulling and pushing us
To the Sea
Where I will find
It was all me
All along.

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