Edward is Back!

For those of you who read my novella The Last Observer and liked it, there might be some good news…. Edward is back! Yes, the thoughtful Magician who tried to save Stanley from being snuffed out by a black magic lodge, is the key character in the prequel follow up – The Lord of the Elements – out soon. I am in the last chapter or so now and will soon be issuing it in Kindle format.

Although it is a prequel, it should be read after The Last Observer otherwise it will spoil that book’s plot. Perhaps it is best positioned as book #2 in a series that investigates Edward’s past.

Drawing on my magical knowledge and interest, The Lord of the Elements includes a magic ritual that goes wrong, the discovery of a Grimoire written by a reputed immortal magician, a man whose very soul is at risk after a chance engagement with a black magic lodge, and Edward…… Lot’s of quick twists and turns and a surprise along the way…

The Lord of the Elements – a novella out soon.

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