Fake News and The Fight For Reality

When I wrote The Last Observer, I never imagined that a real fight for reality would actually happen. However, inundated with information, we are subject to all sorts of reality creating content – some of it fake and much of it it twisted. Be aware that there is a battle going on for your mind and this battle isn’t what it seems. You see your mind is a powerful reality creating device and if someone can hijack your mind and get it working in a certain way, they can use you to create the reality that they want. The media and politicians, religious zealots, and others have always used this technique but today, the tools to do so are easy to obtain.

We tend to surround ourselves with reality reinforcing content. We already have a viewpoint that has been developed or programmed into us and we seek to reinforce it with viewpoints and people that agree with it. If we think the world is flat, we can find plenty of evidence to maintain our view. Fake news is real news if we want and chose it to be.

I find the acid test is not to mind think but heart think. What does my heart say? Is it right to treat a certain set of people terribly because they have a particular religion or political viewpoint? My head might say Yes but my heart will always tell me the truth and the truth is No, it is not correct.

The next time you log onto Facebook or some other social media platform, look at your news feed. It is reflecting you back…..

Do you like what you see?

Is it what is in your heart or do you need to balance your news with an opposing point of view?

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