Investigating the Black Eyed Kids

I run a site called My Haunted Life Too in which people submit their own true experiences of the paranormal. Recently, I received a story about Black Eyed Kids. I posted the story and traffic to the website grew tenfold overnight. It seems I wasn’t the only one creeped out by the story as it went viral on social media; shared and shared again. Then, story after story started to flood in about BEK and Black Eyed People. Many of these encounters seemed to follow a well-worn and similar format to the first submission. Here is that first submission.

A few months ago, I visited my mother in Amarillo. She lives in a nice area that has a good reputation. I was expecting to have a nice vacation and spend some quality time with her, as she is getting older. We spent the afternoon together and that evening, she went to bed. I wasn’t tired so I decided to watch some TV, and catch up with my friends on Facebook. About an hour later there was a knock on the door. I was a little taken aback as this area was normally dead after ten.

I went into the kitchen to try and look out to see who was at the door. The knocking was persistent. It wasn’t like the average elder visit where a knock would be followed by silence. This was a constant tap-tap-tap.

I was starting to get tired of this idiot knocking on the door so I went to the porch and opened the door. Two teenagers stood there. One looked around fourteen, the other around sixteen. I instantly wondered if they were at the wrong house as I was the only person under thirty in my family. There was no possible reason for these kids to be here.

They said nothing so I asked them what they wanted. The older one told me that he was sorry for waking me up, but wanted to come in and use the phone. He explained that they had been left in the area by their parents and needed to call someone. As he finished speaking he just stared at me. When I saw his eyes, I couldn’t tear myself away. They were completely black. Just black. I couldn’t break away from his gaze. I had a huge urge to just stand back and let them in. As we stood there staring at each other he started talking again. This time he wasn’t asking. He was demanding that I let him in. The façade was gone. Whatever he wanted would only “take a few moments” and then they would leave. He wanted me to “let him in and help him.”

I broke my eyes away and realized that I was actually stepping backwards. I hurriedly told them to get off the porch and find help elsewhere. I closed the door with them still standing there and heading towards the phone. I called the police, and told them that there were a couple of kids in the area who seemed to be up to no good. They told me later that they did a thorough check—but didn’t find anything. No one else in the area had seen them either. My mother hadn’t even heard them or the knocking. When I told her about it she just dismissed it as the youth of today with poor manners.

She didn’t see their eyes. I felt absolutely terrified and I felt at odds with their will. I think they meant to do me harm. Has anyone else had any experience with black-eyed kids?

Submitted by Deana M

That was the first story that awoke me to this strange phenomenon known as the Black Eyed Kids or BEK and with my curiosity piqued; I had to find out more. What were these young kids with black eyes doing knocking on people’s doors and terrorizing communities with their strange activities? My research took me into uncharted territory for me and the deeper I dug, the more I became convinced that these beings exist. What are they? Well, I offer a few ideas in my new book – The Black Eyed Kids – Your Haunted Lives 3…..

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