The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer

Sometime back in the 1980’s, I watched a late night movie on TV called The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer. I was awestruck by it and never forgot the plot or the name of the movie. It’s a shame that more people haven’t seen the movie really especially now post-BREXIT referendum. It has coloured my thinking ever since I saw it including my deep suspicion of politicians and their referendums.

The movie is a brilliant satirical look at politics in the 1970’s in Britain. Written by Peter Cook, John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Kevin Billington the film follows the Mr. Michael Rimmer as he rises to become de facto President of Britain. It is utterly brilliant.

It can now be seen in its entirety on youtube and I really suggest most strongly that you watch it.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing then just watch these two sequences and weep… that there has been no change in the British public and politics since 1970.

On Immigration

On Referenda

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