Review, reviews, reviews

I am always grateful for a review. They are the life blood of writing and writers.

However (Yes, gripe following….)

Could someone tell me why people request free books – any free book it seems, and then write a 1-star review saying “This was not my cup of tea”. To me, this is like kicking a gift horse well and truly smack in the mouth! You asked, you got, it turns out it wasn’t what you expected or it’s not the genre for you – so don’t leave a shitty review!

I think I was brought up a certain way and I would NEVER accept a gift and then criticize it if it was say, women’s shoes! I would simply find them a more suitable home and be grateful someone gave me something.

Now, if you get a free gift for a review and you read it and genuinely don’t like it – fair do’s. I can accept that. But to say, I didn’t read it because it’s not my cup of tea – 1-star? That really is the action of an ungrateful SOB. Don’t you agree? I mean, if you don’t read the thing, don’t review it!

I usually don’t read reviews. In the early days I did read them avidly expecting to learn from them and sometimes having my ego stroked or destroyed. These days, I want people to review – say what you will if you read the book, I don’t read them. Here is why. Everyone has different tastes and likes/dislikes. What for one person is the best thing since sliced bread, for another is trash. You can’t please everyone but simply hope to find an audience that likes what you do.

However, reviews remain important – its actually not what they say, it is the volume of them that counts.

So, please, do leave reviews. I likely won’t read them but please do….

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