Three Words Guaranteed To Send Me Into Apoplexy

steamLike so many other wanna be magicians, I do try to work on myself – flaws and weaknesses – at least those I am aware of. One of my flaws is certainly that I have a quick temper. I can light up like an explosion with anger and yet 45 seconds later, have forgotten all about it. I.e. My temper is quick and there are few long lasting effects unless of course, my tongue operated without the brain…. which, in an outbreak of temper is often the case. I am trying to work on this for I know I need to.

There are three words however, that despite my best attempt, will cause an immediate explosion of magnitude 10. What are they? Climate Change Denier. Yes, if you want to see Vasey go off without a fuse just say those three words – in any context. It does not matter.

‘Climate change denier’ has become the catch phrase of the moral but uninformed majority. It’s pseudo religious political slang used at every conceivable opportunity to kill any debate around a very key issue. It has become the replacement for the equally obnoxious and ridiculous ‘The science is proven’ (philosophically incorrect in any usage and totally unacceptably incorrect when applied to climate change). That a large section of society has taken up with the use of these throw away absurdities is beyond reason but totally in line with the continuous dumbing down of society.

The ‘science’ of climate change has been hijacked by people who see it as a gravy train quite honestly and such phrases are meant to stub out any discussion or dissent of any kind just as scientific journals are patrolled by climate change Nazis who will not allow any dissent nor argument in their hallowed pages, by grant funding committees who will not fund any research that might rock the boat. This isn’t science – this is totalitarianism.

I will admit that my anger stems from the fact that those three words are so effective at shutting down dissent. It’s the equivalent of calling someone a luddite or a caveman.

So let me lay it out once and for all.

Anyone who thinks the climate isn’t changing is a nut job. It is that simple. we live on a living, dynamic and constantly changing planet. The climate has changed through geological time and will change in the future. It changes year to year, decade to decade and Aeon to Aeon. When it stops changing understand that is the end of us for it will mean our planet is dead. Like Monty Pythons’ parrot.

Those of us that wish to debate the ‘climate change’ issue don’t desire to question something so obvious as the fact that climate changes. No, we wish to debate the mechanism that is behind the change and when it comes to that, there is a whole debate to be had and no, the science is not proven in any way shape or form.

The very idea that all we have to do is ‘freeze’ and then lower CO2 in order to ‘control’ climate is so utterly preposterous and laughable that quite frankly it is as dangerous as suggesting that the rapture is a real future phenomena. No – if you subscribe to either you are quite honestly a total nut job. CO2 may have some impact. It may not. The evidence from the geological record suggests that actually atmospheric CO2 rises and falls in response to temperature variation meaning that temperature is a function of some other set of conditions.

On the question of whether man impacts climate? Of course man impacts climate. By creating concrete jungles, we are creating heat spots all over the world.

Does this mean then that we shouldn’t invest substantially and rapidly in renewables and efficiency? Only a crazy person wouldn’t want to preserve fossil fuels – the source of almost everything we take for granted – plastics, clothing, medicines and so much more. Burning crude oil is such a waste of an essential and valuable resource it ought to be a crime.

So, be very wary… call me a climate change denier and see the steam come from my ears……

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