Magic Is All Around

That magic works is obvious. All you have to do is observe a bit to see magic in action all around you.  Let’s take a few examples of what I am talking about shall we?

  1. The Placebo Effect – defined as follows by Wikipedia – “Also called the placebo response. A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful.” The problem I have with this definition is the word ‘fake’. There is nothing fake about the magical power of the subconscious mind! Magic works on faith, belief and imagination. The more that you believe something to be so, the more it will become so. This is why, in magic, we conduct rituals and act out a part, why we dress the part and convince our deep selves that we are the part….
  2. Visualisation – Again, we can use the imagination to convince ourselves that some outcome will occur and magically, it does. Don’t believe me? See this article. Many top athletes pay small fortunes to learn how to visualise their success.
  3. Expectation – How many times have you expected not to find a parking place and then not been disappointed? How about trying it the other way around? Expect a parking place and you will find one.
  4. Music – Have you ever noticed how a particular song can evoke a specific mood? Combine this with ritual and dance and you get something like the famous Haka of the New Zealand Rugby team…..

The fact is that magic is simply imagination via visualisation (or imaginary hearing, feeling etc.), combined with expectation and confidence in its result. Imagination and faith in its effect. Faith can move mountains – and it can!

Actually, there is another aspect to working magic successfully that you won’t find in self-help books. Its rather more difficult to do. Its knowing yourself, reconditioning yourself and learning discipline, control and gratitude….. This is the ‘occult’ aspect – the seeking the hidden true you and understanding what you really are…..

The final secret to magic is energy. If you give something your attention then you give it energy. Everything is energy. Even the things around you that look solid in every aspect are nothing more than representations of energy. That is physics. To give your attention – your singular attention (or in the words of the Bible – to name something) – is to energise it.

So if you want success…. act the part, believe that you are already successful and give your energy to things that will make you successful.

It’s that simple…. but horrendously difficult too, simply due to the fact that we do not know ourselves and we do not focus enough..

This is the subject of my book – How To Create Your Own Reality. It’s all there hidden a bit in the words and structures, but it is all you need to know to become a magician.

2 thoughts on “Magic Is All Around

  1. Oh, how I LOVE your example #1. That should rattle a few cages… :p

    Funny how, the ubiquitous, ‘they’ cannot see it for the incredibly powerful healing modality that it should be. Just because it is not “understood”, in the conventional scientific sense, doesn’t mean it can’t be used as an effective treatment protocol. Indeed, I suspect, 80% of healing, irrespective of what poisons we imbibe to “cure us”, comes down to our own belief that this foul tasting stuff, with its associated unfortunate side effects, will make us better. (In shamanic work, probably nearer 90%. The other 10% being death rituals and rites… 😉 )

    • Thanks a lot …. I think your analysis is spot on. The power of the mind….. is incredible. Thanks for the repost too….

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