The Wounded Kings

This morning as I meditated I arrived at a startling conclusion. I have come to believe that we create our own reality via our thoughts and subconscious mind. I am the microcosm that reflects out a macrocosm and vice versa. Obviously, the external world is a co-created reality but nonetheless, I am the master of much of my own destiny and create a lot of that external reality.

For some reason, my meditative thoughts were about the wounded King. The Fisher King of legend. In this legend, the Fisher King has a ‘thigh’ wound and this reflects in his Kingdom which becomes barren. The ‘thigh’ wound is really a wounded penis and the King is symbolically unable to balance polarities as a result of such a wound. This imbalance of polarities is reflected in the outer world as barrenness. We see that the King creates the reality in his Kingdom and when he is unable to do so, the Kingdom or his reality becomes unstable, out of balance and disturbed. Perhaps I should have seen this before but I hadn’t really registered it as an example of how we create our own reality. This morning, my mind made that connection.

Is it wrong therefore to connect the turmoil in the world right now with the inner turmoil I have been experiencing over that last couple of months? I don’t think so. I have given myself a ‘thigh’ wound and in doing so my polarity – even my ability to correct polarity has gone to hell. No, I am not saying what is going on in the world is my fault but having lost my ability to create a reasonable reality I have become one of the billions who simply reacts and responds out of fear.

The solution to my problem isn’t to sit and wait and hope. It is to go back inside of myself and heal the wound. It is to renew my acquaintance with the grail procession that reveals my inner divinity and oneness. It is to ask the question finally that needs to be asked. More important yet, it is to answer that question…….

Recently, a little ray of hope entered my life and a little light was cast by it.

So, I wonder if we all – those of us that work with such matters anyway – worked on restoring our inner balance more fervently, could we have an impact on the reality that we live in? I think the answer is yes. As I read in a blog article yesterday. The problem, my friends is us.

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