Built to Last

Is anything built to last?
To stand the tests of time?
Proud, up standing and pompous
Relieved perhaps, to be still there
Or is that just a silly question to ask?
The wind and the rain will wash away
The sands rise and drown me slowly away
The me inside – that lonely voice
Calling through an eternity
Of change, turmoil and pain
Seeking love, a flickering flame
A point of fire, with some sort of desire
To be free again
Be still, be still and listen
Time ticks slowly by
The illusion of movement
Tricks us like a faithless lover
Who ran to the arms of another
Each moment is an eternal now
In in a sense, it lasts and lasts
The wounded King awaits
The Lady of the Lake placates
And tears light up the maiden’s face
It’s a melting cup of gold
Bejeweled and crafted by art
It’s here, It’s there
It is, in fact, everywhere
Filled with a fine wine
Overflowing with the blood of life
Earned through warring strife
Is anything built to last?
Is anything really real?
Is there a meaning to this life?
So many questions
I deem them all to be the truth
A simple act of kindness
A simple act of grace
The eyes lit within a face
A fleeting gossamer moment
Gone far too soon
Relived under a full blue moon
Will anything last and
stand the test of time?
I wish I knew
Do you?


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