What Is It I Am Not Seeing?

OK. I write books and in the last 12-months, I have actually had some success with it too. I have had a no. 1 supernatural best seller on Amazon UK and a no. 2 best seller in another category on Amazon. A few of my books were in the top 20 in the supernatural category for almost 6-months and even now are routinely in the top 100. I have sold around 4000 books this year to date. I have learned a lot during this process.


Can anyone tell me why when I take three Kindle shorts and put them all in one book add a couple more stories to it to total over 50 true scary and bewildering tales of the paranormal and then price it on Kindle less than the total cost of purchasing the three original books (My haunted life, My haunted life too and My haunted life 3), it barely sells at all? My take is that people want short throw aways then? I’m serious. I am so puzzled by this it is keeping me awake at nights. My Haunted Life – Extreme Editionmy haunted life extreme (1) is a steal so why does no one buy it. I have a paperback sat on my shelf behind me. It has a good cover and its over 200-pages of good stories that packaged in three smaller books have sold and been given away to over 6000 readers.

My book publicist tells me people like shorter books. Is he right? Is that laziness or just the modern preference?


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