Murder by Social Media

Perhaps I am going to run the risk of getting the wrong side of the PC crowd with this one, but as I often say, someone has to say it.

This last week, two news stories caught my attention because they were two sides of the same coin and in my opinion, both wrong. The first story is of the mountain climbers in Malaysia. OK, when in Rome and all that and tourists need to consider where they are and take responsibility for their actions and all of that – yes, I agree. But, good grief, how to get worked up over a non-event. Apparently, it was offensive to God that these people got naked for a photo. Really? Which God would that be then? The one that created them – NAKED. How on Earth would God be offended by being presented with its creation as he created them?

The second is the story about the 70-year old male Nobel scientist forced to resign and live the rest of his life being hounded by PC people because he dared to make a joke about women in the lab. Again, yes I know, tip of the iceberg, permeates a culture and so on ad nauseam. People – he was joking. He is 70 and he made the mistake of joking about sexism. What a crime that is to be crucified by every global media outlet and twitter account on the planet. Derek and Clive must be turning in their graves. PC at its worst and most heinous…. Get a life people. Give the man a break – its hardly as if he has a track record of abusing women is it?

I pick on these two events because to my mind their are similarities. In both instances, a party somewhat innocuously and innocently without malice or premeditation, did something that people with a religious or social axe to grind then crucified them for. Global and social media took it up and before you know it, they are being blamed for deaths from earthquakes and other such nonsense.

It’s time we grew up on this planet. It’s time people respected each other again and gave each other some room to manoeuvre. People make mistakes, they say silly things, they do even sillier things. Since when was that a crime deserving of more global malice than what is going on in Syria, Iraq, and other such places everyday? I ask you?

Finally, as a magician, that malice and anger that is whipped up and directed at these poor people is real. It has an existence and it is almost like cursing that individual. There are two concerns here. The first is that level of spiritual energy is bound to affect the person concerned and secondly, there will be a karmic consequence for that on the perpetrator…..


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