The Mystery of Existence

It’s a truly funny thing
As I sit here, another night alone
Playing with my mobile phone
Thinking back and thinking on
A life now set in stone
A journey through a changing world
I try to make sense of it all
Juggling pieces around
A jigsaw has only one outcome
The pieces only fit one way
The picture you portray
It makes me wonder
If the rest of the journey
Yet unrevealed, is already set
Sealed, delivered and done
Nothing gained, nothing won
Alone I am in eternity
Alone I am in time and space
No winners in this lonely race
A cold and lonely dream
And I know that it is not what it seems
I know that I’m making it up
As I go along
And it won’t be long
Before the picture is revealed
The final answer revealed
A struggle ended
All the sadness mended
I am an eternal moment
With a beginning and an end
Still looking for a friend
For we travel this journey
Alone and burdened to the end
Face to face with me
Eye to eye with destiny
Looking into the mystery
Of existence


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