A Way Back?

The silver image flickers on screen
Moving stills still alive now dance
A home movie rerun has begun
A 1960’s sun hangs high above us
The surf churns and works the beach
Moments from a childhood now out of reach

Blisters painful on my reddened sunburned back
The drifting aromas of cuppa soup
Whispered and muted parental voices speak
The tent gently flutters in the night breeze
I shiver and roll and try to sleep
Imagined stirrings of a quantum leap

The grass sways in golden waves
The incessant buzz of insects grind
Dragonflies hover like silky silken copters
The heat envelopes us within a shimmer
A feeling creeps in – one of déjà vu
A crack in time that I might climb thro?

The surfboard rides and glides easily
And as I tumble over, it slices my chest
The sting of salty sea drops alerts me
The reddish tinge up on my skin
A connection with my future self
A scar fashioned in bloody youthful health

The searing heat of dune sand
Burns my peeling back
We roll and squirm and slide
Your scent masked in sun tan tones
And inside your pale blue eyes
I see everything my life implies


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