Prostrates – Who Wants Them?

As many men my age will know, prostrate pain is very annoying. It is a low grade pain or soreness that grates on the nerves over time. It causes depression apparently and I can see why. I have suffered from this since my mid 30’s and it is progressively getting worse. The first time was in Houston and I recall being very nervous visiting the doctor but a month of very strong antibiotics sorted it. These days, I take all kinds of herbal remedies and only visit the doctor if it gets to the point it is today – feels like someone gave me a good kicking!

The problem with this little male gland is that its hard to know what is wrong with it. It is full of very small tubules and so an infection might not show up on any tests and antibiotics may never reach the desired point. In many cases, there is no actual infection and the medical people don’t seem to know what the issue actually is. In others the prostrate is enlarged and again, no one seems to know why.

So we suffer on without any real promise of help. We take the herbal supplements in the hope that they do work and we work on healing the gland in meditation. Occasionally, we take copious amounts of antibiotics for a month or more and get a couple of weeks relief. At times, it drives me nuts.

In my case, the prostrate pain is combined with lower back pain. I can tell as soon as I get up in a morning what kind of a day it will be based on the back pain. I have actually been told by one doctor that my prostrate isn’t involved but rather it is a nerve in my back and displaced pain. Yet, the last time I saw my Doctor, he prescribed antibiotics – what for a nerve in my back?

In the end, prostrate pain is something you simply put up with. Perhaps it is a contributing factor in making older men grouchy? It sure is in my case….


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