Memories of Another Me?

There are moments when I am overwhelmed with a strange feeling. It’s as if I remember events or things or perhaps hints of events or things that never actually happened. Sometimes, it’s like an ache yearning for something that seems lost or unclear. The feeling that there is something strange about things is a part of this sensation. Bizarre?

To be honest, I think it is this feeling that I had as a child that lead me to imagine that I was not really here at all but instead I was sat in a small room hooked up to a machine through which I experienced a virtual life knowing that outside my room was an endless corridor of such rooms….

The feeling sometimes is so strong that I am sad for whatever I have lost. The half memories of somewhere make me yearn for wherever it was.

I have wondered if I am remembering dreams? Did I dream these things? Or am I in the dream now yearning for my waking life elsewhere? Other times I wonder if I am recalling experiences from another me in a parallel Universe!

Whatever this feeling is I find that as I grow older the feeling is stronger and comes to me more often. It’s so difficult to describe but does anyone else ever feel this way?


3 thoughts on “Memories of Another Me?

  1. Have you ever watched a show for the first time that is fiction but you feel nostalgic? Have these memories felt impossible, like a dream? If so then I know the feeling. I too feel this way but I thought I was the only one.

      • In that case, I believe I know why, or at least have a working hypothesis. I believe we both are able to see through the eyes of our counterparts in other world’s in the multiverse (universes). I believe that stories and artwork are drawn from a quantum connection we have that stretches across the multiverse and so we write or draw what we see, adding changes to it as our imagination desires.

        I’m working on understanding this connection more. It’s possible we remember certain key events together, even if details are changed by our own imaginations. This would help me to prove my hypothesis.

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