Life as a Symbol

I read recently somewhere on the internet that inner contacts can be viewed simply as symbols. I apologize to whoever wrote this as I cannot recall where I read it and who wrote it but it was a bit of a critique of the concept of inner contacts altogether! But the thought has persisted with me.

Standing outside just now puffing on a cigarette, I noticed a mall patch of moss. It was bright green and truly beautiful. As I noticed the moss I started to look around and observe. The trees, the blue sky, the birds singing. The amazing beauty of nature. All symbols. Life is a moving movie of symbols that we simply need to observe and puzzle out their meaning. That bright green moss, that little islands of emerald greenness shimmering in the sunlight reflecting from the dew that had settled there. What did that mean to me? It reminded me to look. To observe and to marvel.

Asteroth too is a symbol. It is a symbol that speaks to me of inner truths and yes, beauty too. She is the archetypal Goddess, the inner me. She has shown me other symbols including the hexagram and helped me observe this symbol in many different ways – many planes of reflection – some of which are described in the book The Mystical Hexagram. But she has also pointed to other symbols – even created them in my inner reality awakening something magical and something delicate. Places with spiritual purposes for quiet contemplation.

Reality is a set of symbols to be observed, contemplated and learned from and if we miss an important symbol then it keeps arising in our conciouness until we notice. Perhaps this is the synchronicity that occurs to people where some symbol repeatedly occurs in our lives. It’s our innerselves way of saying – look, observe, contemplate and accept.

One thought on “Life as a Symbol

  1. This is a beautiful piece of writing, my friend, as much for the imagery as the concept it describes. We are all guilty of living asleep to the possibilities and beauty of the life around us, most of the time. Every so often we awaken and see the world anew, as if the clouds had parted letting in a fleeting ray of sunlight.

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