In the Domain of Asteroth

Several months ago I moved this blog to the set up from my own private hosting arrangement. It does seem to get better traffic and more readers and so I have moved my other blog too. My other blog, Asteroth’s Domain, is my original blog that in some form or other has been online since 2006. As you might imagine, its been through several reiterations but the posts there include material back to 2006. A word of warning! Asteroth’s Domain is explicitly about the occult, magic, alchemy, and reality as I see it. I don’t post there often. Perhaps once a month at most (and I will admit to adding an odd promotional item for my books there too) but if you are NOT into that kind of stuff, give it a miss. If you are, please go take a look and I hope you find something there to make you think.


The name Asteroth’s Domain wasn’t selected at random either. Asteroth is the name of a contact I established while working on the Servants of the Light first degree course in Houston, TX. Over 5-years of daily meditation and following the monthly lessons sent by mail from the Channel Isles had a huge impact on me. So much that I wrote a book about the whole thing – my first effort called Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul (Thoth 2005). Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the current Director of Studies, very much supported the idea and kindly wrote a foreword for the book as well.

Why Domain? Well, Asteroth introduced me to a couple of locations in hyperspace or on the Astral Plane if you want. One was a place to go to meditate and contemplate and this is where I would be joined by Asteroth in what She terms the Garden of Remembrance – hence I called it Asteroth’s Domain.

Anyway, this is my invitation to you all to come over and visit with me and Asteroth in our domain….. Hope to see ya’ll there!

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