People Are Just strange

I often find myself thinking that people are really just strange. Perhaps it would be better to say self-centered and thoughtless as opposed to strange for that is what I really mean. I observe this every day and all around me. Here are a few examples:-

1. Yesterday there was an event at the school my daughter goes to. It’s essentially and infants and junior school so the kids and the majority of the parents are young. Of course, as hoards of parents descend on the school, parking becomes a nightmare and the strange behaviour starts. First, I observe two cars ‘battling’ it out for a vacant parking space. Despite one car being there, hazard warning lights flashing and obviously waiting to enter the parking space as soon as the current occupant left it, another car pulls up determined to take the same spot. What followed was a game of chicken between the two car owners. Meanwhile, all the traffic is held up while these weird people fight over a parking space.

2. Next, with cars parked on both sides of the street, there is now only room for one car but as this is a two-way street, you can guess what happened right? The vast majority of the traffic is going in one direction but one lone car going in the opposite direction seems to believe that he/she is a superior human being and that all the others should reverse for them. So, I was treated to another stand off – one that last almost 5-minutes – as one selfish driver believed they were more important than fifteen others and fully apparently expected every single on of them to reverse down the street……

3. Another example is when the car in the outside lane is doing the speed limit and doesn’t quiet move into the other lane fast enough for the person who believes themselves far more important than anyone else and therefore passes on the inside. Its stupid, dangerous and illegal but you know, the law nor safety concerns apply to our superior human being.

That is three driving examples I know but look around and observe your fellow humans behaving badly, discourteously, rudely, dangerously at any moment in time. People really do seem to believe that they are more important or that laws apply only to others. Me? you know I like walking. It bothers me not a jot to park a bit further away and walk. Furthermore, not having to compete with these people for a parking space keeps my blood pressure down. I’m not in a rush so if you sit in the outside lane going too slow, I will sit a safe distance behind and wait for you to move. I think laws do apply to me and furthermore I know for sure, if I break one, there will be a police car right there to catch me.

It’s not hard to be courteous. It may take a minute or two more to find a parking space, line up in a queue or whatever. It may involve walking to where you were going from where you parked your car. But does it really matter? Being nice to people, being courteous and respecting people’s safety makes you feel so much better anyway.

People are strange. They really are.

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