The Season’s Greetings to you!

I’m one of those people that every year think Christmas is still miles away only to discover its the next day and I am unprepared. Not sure why I am like this but I am. I can say I don’t much enjoy Christmas and I detest New Year’s Eve – why start the year with a hangover and sleep derivation I have to ask and don’t get me started on that stupid Auld Lang Syne song that turns my stomach every time I hear it. I sound a bit like Scrooge I am sure. It’s not that I don’t enjoy some fun and giving gifts, I do. It’s the commercialization I cannot stand. There is really no point in complaining about Christmas decorations in stores by October 31st I know but that is the sort of thing that ruins the season for me. It’s nice to see family and give thanks for a good year (hopefully) and look forward to better times perhaps in the coming year but you can keep the crowds, Jingle Bells played incessantly in the supermarket, the card sending and the reruns of old Bond movies.

Having gotten all of that off my chest let me also wish you all the very best of season’s greetings. I understand that many of my readers (yes – that’s you Bob….my one and only loyal reader…) may not be Christians at all so it is very much a season’s greeting whether that be yuletide (possibly my favorite) or whatever. I hope that it was a reasonable year with something to give thanks for and that the coming year offers you the opportunities to be happy and secure.

Me, I’m visualizing a nice year in 2014 and just to bore you all, yes, lot’s of new readers for The Last Observer and more book sales – If you didn’t buy five as Christmas gifts for your unloved relatives – there is still time and if you get Amazon gift certificates do spend them on a good magical novel!

Cheers – especially to Bob – my one and only loyal reader.

(Please note that I know I have more than one reader of this blog…. Bob’s sister, Muriel also visits infrequently!)


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