This Sickness

A couple of days ago I remarked on how people who create fear-based fantasy stories and call them factual news seem to get a lot of traffic. It seems people like to read nonsense stories about Alien invasion, Government conspiracy, Government cover-ups and so on whether they have any factual substance or not. Seth at calls this doom fiction or doom porn and he is right. Gullible folk want their daily fix of fear. I guess most people simply don’t think or analyse news stories at all and simply believe everything they read even if it simply doesn’t make sense. They even grow protective and emotional over their beliefs such that to try to explain that a comet is really just a comet somehow make YOU the illogical person! To me this is weirdness that I cannot understand.

That being said, it really really makes me very angry when I read/see nonsense stories like the following;

– Proof of Paul Walker being Murdered by a Rocket Attack
– 10 Reasons Why “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated by a Drone Strike
– Paul Walker wanted out

For me, you see this crosses the line. It’s fine to make up fairy tales about Aliens, Freemasons, the Royals etc. but to immediately jump on the very sad and tragic death of someone who was by all accounts a really nice person, twist it and fabricate it as a conspiracy story is beyond disrespectful. Its beyond indecent. It is unacceptable. It is sick.

I am almost finished with a book called the Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco. It caused some controversy when it came out as it is full of anti-semitic and anti-everyone diatribes on the part of the anti-hero. But, it essentially takes one person who makes up hate filled nonsense and sells it to a gullible world where it festers and inflames. Since the documents and the events in the novel are real and only the central unlikable character is fiction, one can immediately see how such material eventually results in the rise of Hitler and 6 million dead jews.


These days, I hope that this kind of hate-filled venomous nonsense rapidly gets buried in the pile of steaming crap that is doom porn on the internet and never really results in someone really taking it seriously – but you can never be sure…..

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