A Phase

I commented somewhere recently – I am in a Goddess phase – and I really am. She is on my mind – I even had to write a poem about it.

Today, I went down to the forest and, choosing a part of the path deep in the forest where a small stream passes, I called on Her. I lit and placed a small candle and left an offering. She was all around and everywhere.

I have periodically dreamed of Her. She is the beautiful woman of my dreams. She is also the deep and strange fears that I harbor deep inside. More importantly, she is the inner me – my anima. She is every woman I meet. She is the temptress, the sexy vixen, the aloof and haughty woman, she is the mother figure, the daughter, the grandmother, the cold, evil calculating bitch, the kind neighbor, the partner. Each of these is showing an aspect of the Divine Female and reflecting back something of my own inner make up.


It’s almost a full moon tonight. She hangs in the sky Her powers growing and her monthly cycle almost at its peak. The wind is howling at the top of our hill here in Prague. I can feel Her power.

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