Finding Middle Ground

These days I see increasing polarization of views. As I have said many times before, you only have to go to any news or political site and check out the comments and discussions – it isn’t discussion, it’s angry, opinionated people dissing each other. I even wrote an article that I am sure raised some eyebrows and maybe lost me a few ‘friends’ called New Age Socialists – I realized afterwards it should probably have been called New Age Fascists but never mind. The fact is that people seem to hold and even gravitate to more and more extreme views and more and more despise others for holding the opposite viewpoint.


Over the last 10-years or so I have been taught to reconcile the opposites. I have delved deeply into studying polarity via the Hexagram and I have been instructed in meditation to ‘reconcile the opposites’. I am absolutely convinced this is the correct approach and it should be applied to everything in life including politics. To reconcile the opposites we have to drop the ‘ego’ bit though and that is difficult. But look, in the end, its people that ruin perfectly good political systems like capitalism and communism through their greed and desire to control, subjugate and belittle through their inability to know themselves and reconcile the opposites.

Years ago, I lost interest in politics. How many times can you argue over something without seeing both points of view? I came to the conclusion that all politicians are in it for themselves and that we shouldn’t encourage them by voting. I think they all have the same ‘boss’ anyway and they and their polarity are there to keep us all divided so we don’t actually see what is going on. Politics and politicians thrive on deepening differences, hurting old wounds and appealing to your greed, need to control and ego. Frankly, they are all deeply ill in my opinion 🙂

There are always more than two sides to any coin and, depending on your perspective, one can be right and the other wrong and this can switch as your personal perspectives change. We need a good evil in our lives sometimes from which to learn and grow. But, we should also know better shouldn’t we? There is no true right or wrong in politics unless you resolve to find the middle ground at least or even better reconcile the opposites to understand the issues and obtain the product of that reconciliation. Even this can change because there are three levels of polarity and while we may resolve one, the other two remain (see The Mystical Hexagram for an explanation of this latter point).

So, I am sorry, but if you are following the path I am following, you can’t label yourself Labor, Republican, Tea Party etc. The only thing you are is you at this moment. You cannot surely hate someone for holding opposite views because this in itself is a reflection of the hate you feel for yourself and it is a warning that you have unfinished business in knowing yourself.


I’m not sure what the answer is for right now, I dislike all politicians and their lies and divisiveness. As I look at various issues, I try to look at all angles and find a solution that is workable for the majority. Imperfect but not meant to be divisive. I suspect that the real truth here is Love. Love is the secret ingredient to reconciliation of the opposites. How many of you approach your politics with love? I suspect not many as you are made to feel the bitterness of injustice and divisiveness that politicians thrive on.

Personally, I think our political structures and systems have ran their course. I would like to see some real and fundamental change but I fear it will be slow coming because too many are addicted to the divisiveness and the need to be right. Look for the middle ground.

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  1. Well said My Friend, may ur voice reach many more of our sleeping mass that we awaken & console our own dualatity’s!

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